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Air Freight Services

Majority of business and consumers use ground freight services or ocean freight for international shipping. There are many reasons for this; large quantities can be shipped at reasonable and cost efficient prices. The only drawback with ocean freight and ground freight services shipping is that they are time consuming. The minimum time required to ship anything across the ocean to an international port takes seven weeks, with ground freight services it could take days depending on the distance that is being covered and the type of terrain that the truck will be covering.

Even though ground freight services and ocean freight are reasonable priced they are not always time sensitive. In a fast paced world this is not always the best solution or method by which international shipping should take place. That’s why at MSP Moveit we also have Air freight Services international shipping.

Air freight shipping, enables are customers to have their shipment reach its international shipping location within hours rather than days and weeks. For time critical international shipping air freight is critical.

At MSP Moveit, we guarantee that our customer will reach top of the line service. We understand that some shipments are time sensitive and we will ensure that we will have your shipment reach its destination on time. We have a vast network of transportation options, with access to almost any kind of aircraft to ensure shipping, we also have, specialized equipment, proactive communications, advance tracking, just to mention a few.

To make things easier for our customers we have created options that allow our customers to meet their time deadlines, we also guarantee cost saving options. Depending on your requirements MSP Moveit air freight services have different transit times. We can deliver from next day deliver, or five to seven days to any global location.

Ground Freight Services

Domestic Air Freight

We also provide domestic air freight, for businesses and consumers alike. We can have your shipment at its destination the next day anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Specialized Shipments

We also provide air freight transportation for hazardous and perishable goods. We are committed to providing the best solutions for our customers. If our customers are shipping perishable items, our goal is to have our customers reach its destination as soon as possible to ensure that your time sensitive shipment reaches its destination in the best possible condition.

Our employees are very knowledgeable of the necessary documents that are required for specialized shipments. Our staff will also know what country has restrictions for certain hazardous and perishable goods. Ensuring that the shipment has not problems crossing customs.

MSP Moveit will provide you with top of the line services in Air freight.

  • Door to door pick up and deliver
  • Airport to airport, with hold for pickup or point to point delivery option
  • Time sensitive transit times to ensure quick service on a budget

Regardless of how you decide to ship your things, whether its ground freight services, ocean freight or air freight. We here at MSP Moveit will ensure that your international shipping experience will be the best.