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Shipping in Canada

MSP MoveIt is not only an international shipping company; we also offer excellent shipping services within Canada. Our goal is to ensure that our customers shipments are delivered on time, providing various methods by which shipping of cargo can take place.

For shipments that are large tonnage and need to cover long distance we provide railway shipment options. Ensuring the cargo reaches its destination quicker than by road. Even though rail shipping can be costly with the rise in raw materials being exported it is essential the best method to move heavy tonnage material in the quickest way. With options in regards to the unit that will be used for shipment, such as double stack rail cars or extended rail chassis the options are all there depending on your cargo.

For less urgent and less tonnage shipping in Canada we also offer motor shipping. Even though motor shipping is a more popular method but one that is a little expensive as the customer pays for the driver as well as the unit that is being used for transportation.

We also have the option of water transportation in the Great Lakes, canals and rivers that can be navigated for shipping in Canada. This shipping method is as old as time and is still, but as before it is not as flexible and is essential best for extremely large tonnage shipments, which can’t be met by rail or by motor shipping.

As we understand our customers and the importance of short deadlines that require quick shipments. We also offer air shipping of cargo. It is a high cost method of transportation but is essential one that guarantees quick delivery of most any shipment.

Where most companies only offer motor services, we, MSP MoveIT offer ever possible method of transportation. By rail, land, air and if need be by water, we will get your shipment there and we offer all of these options at competitive rates.