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Ocean Freight Services

There are numerous methods by which a company or an individual can have their things shipped international. International shipping can be arranged through air freight, ocean freight or ground freight services. Depending on what you are shipping and the time sensitivity involved will help determine the cost factor that you will be looking at for your international shipping.

Air freight is quicker but is more expensive and does have restrictions and items that can be shipped and weight. Ground freight services are good but they are unable to reach all international destinations. In this case ocean freight becomes ideal.

If you require international shipping that is cost effective and is not time sensitive than the ideal way to go is Ocean freight Service. With ocean freight Service, you will be able to ship as much as you like or as little as like at a far more reasonable price.

With ocean freight services MSP Moveit offers a wide variety of shipping options. We not only provide international shipping for the average shipper but are also able to provide services for international shipping of cargo that requires special attention and care.

There some things that you should consider before making a decision. Depending on what you are shipping you will need to decide if your international shipping requires special container or basic, this will all depend on what you are shipping. Our staff members have a vast knowledge in the different types of containers and their specialization. For example if you own a Sports Utility Vehicle and are looking to ship it international through ocean freight services than you want to ensure that it reaches its destination without any damage. SUV’s require special containers that take into consideration their height, width and weight. Regular sedans can fit on what is known as an auto rack container that is designed specifically for transporting vehicles internationally.

Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services

Flat rack shipping containers or platform containers are used specifically to ship heavy machinery, as all the sides are open on these containers to accommodate heavy machinery. There are special containers for heavier, oversized cargo, such as sand or pebbles. If you are shipping liquid goods you require a special container known as tank containers, these are large cylinder type containers designed to carry liquids.

There are also refrigeration containers that are designed to ship frozen goods ore goods that need to remain cool or refrigerated, you also have weather proof containers and containers that have side doors as well as rear doors. The choices and options are endless, what is essential is being aware of what kind of container is best for the international shipping Services that you are considering doing.

Once you know what kind of container you require you will also need to know what size container you require, there is a variety of sizes in these also.

What kind of container and size of container you require for your things.

We will gladly provide you with the information on what container will be best suited for your things to ensure that international shipping Services of your goods occurs without any problems and that your things reach their destination. We also provide packaging material and cost effective prices to ensure that our customers have no concerns with their international shipping.