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Ground Freight Services

We here at MSP Moveit provide international shipping anywhere in the world and whether you need ocean freight, air freight or ground freight services. MSP Moveit provides it all, with top of the line service to ensure that the customer and their cargo have no issues and that the cargo reaches its destination safely and in a timely manner.

Regardless of whether you are moving a few boxes, many or just one, ground freight services for International Shipping Toronto are ideal as well as economical. MSP Moveit provides a complete package, with proper logistics and documentation to ensure there are no concerns with your shipment.

MSP Moveit has its own fleet of Air freight services, we have a variety of options to meet the needs of customers when they international shipping their goods. Not only do we have our own fleet, but we also work with the best carriers to provide the best service for our customers.

If your international shipment between Canada and the United States requires specialized equipment, we have such as heavy haul trucking, refrigerated trucks, air ride and removable goose-neck flatbed just to mention a few. With our knowledgeable staff, we will ensure that your international shipment will be reaching its destination in the best condition, using the right equipment and shipping method.

Ground Freight Services

Ground Freight Services

Depending on the how much you will be shipping you might require less than a truckload (LTL), for such shipments MSP Move It has its own fleet that provides daily delivery services (where possible) across Canada and the United States, with the most competitive rates, to ensure shipments reach their destination on time. Our Less than truckload is cost effective from ground service freights. We also provide shipments on ground freight services that are time sensitive and are on a deadline.

When deciding on ground freight services there are some things that need to be considered,

Once you have determined what ground freight services are suitable for your shipment the next step is ensuring the packing of your shipment is also the best and top of the line. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you decide on packing and the materials that will best suited for your international shipping needs. Depending on what you are shipping you want to ensure that your goods are not damaged during the shipping process.

For fragile items or odd shaped goods we recommend smaller plastic cargo packing boxes that will protect your goods from harm. We offer a variety of packing material to ensure that your skids or personal belongings are not harmed during the shipping process. Our goal to ensure our customers and their shipment receive the best service possible.

Whether you are shipping through air freight, ocean freight Services or ground service freight, MSP Moveit will provide you with complete services, from booking, pickup and documentation. If your shipments require storage we also have facilities where your shipments can be stored safely and securely until you require moving them again.

MSP Moveit provides you with a complete package for your international shipping Services needs. From start to finish we will ensure that our customer has nothing to worry about. We also provide customs brokerage to ensure that import, export and transit declarations are filled correctly and have no problems crossing international borders.